Parco macchine

Machine fleet

Centri di lavoro

N° 7 machining centres for milling on a horizontal axis, or with 4 or 5 axes, all with automatic tool change and automatic pallet change.

N° 1 vertical machining centre with 5 axes with zero point pallet change, automatic 60-place tool change and contact probe.

Centro di tornitura

N° 9 turning centre with 2, 3, 4 or 5 axes, all with towers with several positions. Most of the tool holder towers are motorised.

Auxiliary machines: automatic or manual saws, water-jet washing machines, ultrasound washing machine.

Processes to load parts into the machine are automated differently depending on the machine or the part.

Cambi pallet automatici

Automatic pallet changes, for a total of 88 pallets.

Sistemi fissaggio pezzi sul pallet

Hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, or quick changing systems for fastening parts to pallets.

Robot antropomorfo

N° 3 anthropomorphic robots, serving automatic tray stores and n° 1 Cartesian robot.

Caricatore da barra per torni

N° 5 bar loaders for turning machines, with bar passage up to 70 mm.